3 November 2019 /Flat Earth

The Purpose of Heliocentrism is to Undermine Biblical Truths

Heliocentrism is not true science. It is a spiritual deception, and that deception is with a purpose. In 1887, an occult publication, Lucifer, revealed that the satanic scheme behind the heliocentric mythology is to deceive the masses to reject the infallible truths of the Holy Bible and embrace the lie that there is no God.

"We date from the First of January, 1601. This era is called the Era of Man (E.M.) to distinguish it from the theological epoch that preceded it. In that epoch the Earth was supposed to be flat, the Sun was its attendant light, revolving about it. Above was Heaven, where God ruled supreme over all potentates and powers, below was the kingdom of the Devil, Hell. So taught the Bible. Then came the NEW ASTRONOMY. It demonstrated that the Earth is a globe revolving about the sun; that the stars are worlds and suns; that there is no ‘up and down’ in space, VANISHED THE OLD HEAVEN, VANISHED THE OLD HELL; the earth became the home of man. And when the modern Cosmogony came, the Bible and the Church, as infallible oracles, had to go, for they had taught that regarding the universe WHICH WAS NOW SHOWN TO BE UNTRUE IN EVERY PARTICULAR." T. Winship (a.k.a. Rectangle), Zetetic Cosmogony, Second Edition-Enlarged, at 135 (1899), quoting Lucifer, Dec. 23rd, E.M. 287 (1887) (all capital letters in original).


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