21 January 2020 /Flat Earth

Engineer Redefines Circle So That He Can Argue that the Earth is a Sphere

Jason Robinson posted the above video. He is a pastor and an engineer. He knows what a circle is, yet he deceptively misdefines it. I listened to the first two minutes of the video and then posted the following comment to his video. I will listen to the rest of it later.

Jason Robinson quotes from Isaiah 40:22, wherein God describes the earth as a circle. But Robinson deceptively gives an incomplete definition of a circle to beguile the unwary listeners. Robinson states that a circle has a center point and every point out from that point on the circumference is equidistant from that center point. Robinson left out the most important part of the circle’s definition that distinguishes it from a sphere. A circle requires all points on the circumference to be equidistant from the center and on the same plane. Thus, a circle, by definition, is flat. By leaving out the part of the definition of a circle that requires the circumference to be on the same plane, Robinson is able to argue that in the three-dimensional world the only object that would fit that description he gave would be a sphere. Robinson concludes, therefore, that the circle in Isaiah 40:22 is actually describing a sphere because a sphere also has every point equidistant from the center, only it is in three dimensions.

But Robinson is being deceptive. He reveals that he is an engineer and therefore knows that a circle, by definition, cannot be a sphere because a circle requires all points equidistant from the center on the circumference to be on the same plane. A circle is flat. A sphere, on the other hand, is a three-dimensional object in the shape of a ball. All points on the circumference of a sphere are equidistant from the center, but those points are not on the same plane. That means that a circle cannot be a sphere, and a sphere cannot be a circle. They are mutually exclusive. To say otherwise is straightforward dissimulation.

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