26 January 2020 /Flat Earth

Another Wolf in Sheep's Clothing Coming Out Against the Biblical Flat Earth

Steve Whinery is yet another wolf in sheep's clothing attacking the biblical doctrine of the flat earth. Pastor Steve Whinery, who is Pastor of the Tri-Cities Calvary Chapel, arrogantly dismisses God’s creation of a flat earth. He attributes the origins of the flat earth not to the Holy Bible but rather to the devil.

I posted the following comment below his video:

Whinery considers the concept of a flat and stationary earth to be a contrivance of the devil. He flips reality. In fact, the heliocentric model is born of a conspiracy led by the devil. Whinery preaches a different Jesus from the Jesus in the Bible. He preaches a heliocentric Jesus. His Jesus is a far-off God, who is separated from his creation by an endless vacuum of empty space. His Jesus minds his own business. Pastor Whinery preaches an Arminian God who minds his own business from far off and will not intercede by his grace to save anyone. Under Whinery’s gospel, Jesus Christ looks on helplessly while men decide of their own free will whether to believe in him. But the true Jesus Christ of the Bible is the author and finisher of the faith that saves his elect. See Hebrews 12:2. Those elect will be saved because he sovereignly chose them to be saved before the foundation of the world. See Ephesians 1:4. Whinery states:

"I think that the devil uses [schemes] to just make people dismiss anything that has to do with Jesus. And [the flat earth] is one of those things. ... The earth is so obviously spherical you know there are pictures. And what people will say is well these pictures are nothing. But you know it's like a giant conspiracy to try to make the earth round. To what end? What’s the conspiracy for? "

Pastor Whinery asks rhetorically why would the devil lead a conspiracy to get people to believe the earth is a sphere? Whinery seems not to understand that God reveals his eternal power and Godhead through his creation. If a person believes that the earth is surrounded by the outer darkness of space, then they will doubt that God can be on his throne in glory in heaven above the firmament. The mythology of a spinning, spherical earth is an attempted spiritual coup d’etat against God almighty.

Whinery supports his unbiblical theology by misrepresenting what the bible says. He claims that God’s description of the circle of the earth in Isaiah 40:22 is not really a description of a flat circular face of the earth. Whinery deceptively claims “that word for circle is a term that means orb.” But that is not true. A circle, by definition, requires the circumference to be equidistant from the center and on the same plane. In essence, a circle is flat. But Whinery redefines circle to mean orb. An orb is a ball, which, by actual definition cannot be a circle because the circumference of an orb is not on the same plane (i.e., it is not flat). An orb cannot be a circle and a circle cannot be an orb. Whinery is like all of the other heliocentric pastors. To support their mythology they must lie about what the Holy Bible says. They are constantly redefining words. That is the ancient trick of the devil.


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