27 January 2020 /Flat Earth

"Christian" Scientists Deceiving the Gullible

Below is my comment posted at the above video.

Dr. Carter claims to have "never seen a flat earther who will actually read something I present." Well, I have read his articles. I found them to be argumentative and misleading.

Dr. Carter interprets Genesis in a strictly literal manner. Furthermore, he considers the account in chapter 2 of Genesis as having "the hallmarks of a genuine geographical description from an eyewitness."

But when the issue turns from defending what the Bible states about the creation of man to supporting what Bible states about the creation of the earth and cosmology, suddenly Dr. Carter changes his tune. Dr. Carter takes the Bible literally when it says that God created everything in six (24-hour) days. But when addressing the passages in the Bible that portray the nature of God’s creation as a flat, stationary earth, Dr. Carter hypocritically dismisses the authority of those passages by opining that God is using "equivocal phenomenological language."

Robert Carter and Jonathan Sarfati, A Flat Earth, and Other Nonsense, Debunking Ideas That Would Not Exist Were it Not for the Internet, Creation Ministries International, 13 September 2016, updated 26 October 2018, https://creation.com/refuting-flat-earth.

Dr. Carter thinks that "[m]any of the supposed flat-earth passages are from poetic books that are not meant to be taken literalistically." Id. Rather than read the Bible for what it says, Dr. Carter reads the Bible from the preconception that the idea of a flat, stationary earth is "nonsense." Id. This causes Carter to effectively relegate the Bible to be a book of poetry with no scientific validity; he opines that "the purpose of the Bible is not to be a science book." Id. He, consequently, concludes that "we should not expect to learn a great deal on many scientific subjects from within its pages." Id. That is quite a change from his attitude toward the Bible when addressing the error of evolution, where he carefully scrutinized the biblical record for proof of God’s creation of man. Dr. Carter presents his authority for impeaching the plain words of the Bible that the earth is flat and stationary: NASA. Dr. Carter vouches for the authenticity of NASA’s pictures of the globular earth allegedly taken from space. "All of these scientists and astronauts are not lying!" Id.

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