11 March 2020 /Flat Earth

Dr Jason Lisle - Speaks On Flat Earth From A Biblical and Scientific View

I just posted the following comment on the video at the above link:

Dr. Lisle states that the word circle used in Isaiah 40:22 actually means sphere. Dr. Lisle is supposed to be a brilliant Ph.D. scientist, and so I will assume that he knows the difference between a circle and a sphere. A circle requires all points on the circumference to be equidistant from the center and on the same plane. Thus, a circle, by definition, is flat. A sphere, on the other hand, is a three-dimensional object in the shape of a ball. All points on the circumference of a sphere are equidistant from the center, but those points are not on the same plane. That means that a circle cannot be a sphere, and a sphere cannot be a circle. They are mutually exclusive. To say otherwise is straightforward dissimulation. Dr. Lisle, being a highly educated physicist, knows (or should know) the difference between a circle and a sphere. Thus, I reasonably conclude that Dr. Lisle is purposely dissembling to mislead the audience.


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