24 March 2020 /Coronavirus

News Flash: Old Sick People Are Dying

Did you hear the White House press conference with Trump yesterday? Deborah Birx took the podium and indicated that the death rate is being inflated from bad data and that the actual rate "will be going lower."Deborah Birx said that the average age of people dying in Italy from the coronavirus is the mid-eighties. Hmm, I think that is when you would expect old people to die. "The average life expectancy in Western Europe was 79 years for males and 84 years for females in 2019." So what we know is that in Italy people are dying when they are expected to die.


Indeed, Italian authorities have revealed that 99% of all coronavirus deaths are from people with preexisting conditions. So the people that they are saying are dying from the coronavirus are the old sick people. That is the group of people that one would expect to die each day. It sounds like they are just attributing deaths from natural causes to coronavirus. They are playing games with numbers.


At 1:14:30 of the press conference, Deborah Birx states: "Death rates escalate with age and pre-existing conditions. so I really want to be clear that although it may be very low if you're under 40 or very low if you're under 50 or very low if you're under 70, there is an inflection curve. The average age of the person is dying in Italy is in the mid-80s. So there is really a significant issue in our older generation."

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